Ultra-High Definition LED Displays & Advanced Control Systems

Empowering Mission-Critical Operations with Secure, High Performance LED Displays

About Us

Veteran Leadership

Guided by a service-disabled veteran, with four additional veteran staff members, Neoti VOS embodies unparalleled commitment to security and compliance.

Innovative Technology

Our TAA-compliant UHD Pro provides exceptional display quality, security, and reliability, fulfilling the demands of mission-critical environments.

Secure Performance

With 100% Pure Logic technology, UHD Pro ensures superior display performance while prioritizing data security.

Superior Visuals

Leveraging Grayscale, HDR, Gamma, and Chroma, UHD Pro delivers lifelike, vibrant images with superior detail and color accuracy.

Commitment to Excellence

In our commitment to achieving security and compliance without compromising on performance, we are excited to unveil the UHD Pro. This ultra-high-definition European-manufactured LED display panel is made to thrive under the most demanding conditions, perfectly crafted for U.S. marketplaces, including government, military and mission-critical command-and-control and ops centers.


Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

TAA Compliant

100% Pure Logic


TAA Compliant

Neoti’s 100% Pure LogicTM TAA Compliance means you can depend on the UHD Pro series for the most uncompromising security available.


Trusted by U.S. Broadcast Studios

Neoti’s dedication to quality and performance has made us the preferred LED display provider across the mission-critical, always-on broadcast industry.


Color Accuracy Variance

UHD Pro maintains gamma and color integrity with brightness levels as low as 0.1%.


Customer Satisfaction Rating

In a recent comprehensive survey, Neoti’s client base reported 98% satisfaction, reporting response times and support as superior in every category.

Unlock a New World of Tech

The TAA compliant UHD Pro provides industry-best image performance for the most demanding environments with exclusive automatic and color-space calibration. By combining an exclusive direct-view LED panel and control system, the result is simply the best LED in the world.
Neoti VOS

Redefining Mission-Critical Success

UHD Pro is here to redefine mission-critical success.
Join us on this exciting journey and experience the power of 100% Pure Logic and unparalleled performance.
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